B’nai Shalom Havurah

The B’nai Shalom monthly Havurah program has been a very successful social event that offers friendship, an extended family feeling, and a great way to really get to know one another within the B’nai Shalom community. We also welcome guests interested in experiencing our Havurah and meeting the Temple members.

The word Havurah comes from the Hebrew word “chaver”, meaning “friend” and people of all faiths are welcomed. Our Havurah provides members and guests with a special opportunity for a fun night out. We experience the taste of great food, drinks and desserts that attendees bring. The host only supplies eating utensils, plates, cups and soft drinks. We always have interesting discussions, learn new things about each other, laugh a lot and enjoy different types of activities that the host chooses. That’s where a variety of entertaining and surprising times happen, all in a very relaxed and pleasant “homey” atmosphere.

To help raise money for needed student activities, a $10 per person donation is collected at the start of the get together. At the end of the evening the host asks for a volunteer for next month’s Havurah. Sometimes two separate evenings are planned to keep the group size between 10 and 16 people.

If you are interested in attending our Havurah get together, please email Naomi at: naomibdesigns@gmail.com

Shalom Havurhim,
Naomi Stein